The good life 

Hugh Mackay wrote a book in which the premise is that a life well lived is a life lived for others. He’s probably right.

But what does that mean? 

In considering it I have reversed it and pondered how could others live their lives for me. 

If I had a friend, and they asked me what was a life well lived for me, I would say: that you live your life for yourself and allow me to accept you as you are. Show me your frailty and your humanity and let me support you when you need it. Try to grow and be better when you can; admit your strengths and your weaknesses; live alongside me and we will slap each other affectionately when we each need some objectivity. 

By my logic then, a life lived for others is a life lived for the self.

I think I just turned altruism into selfishness. 

No wonder I am confused. 


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