This is an emotion that I find fascinating. I am not sure I have ever felt it proper. I know I have written about it before, but fecked if I know how to find my own old blogs.

Hate looks to me to be a very personal emotion. What I mean is that it is projected onto someone, but it is all about your ownself. For example, you don’t even seem to have to know the person to vehemently hate them. It’s almost like a swelling of feelings so awful that they need a villain in external construct to support them.

My daughter continues to be a fan of the dramatic “I hate you!!!!”. It’s so overused no one even blinks and yet it does hurt a bit every time. Not because I think she really hates me, but because it speaks to her internal sadness that I can’t ever help her with other than by guidance.

It makes me wonder if love is the same on the flip side. A swelling of feelings so lovely and generous that they need and external object for their focus and projection. They can’t possibly all be contained in this flesh and bone vessel.

I am not sure the two (love+hate) are really ying and yang as popular media has us believe, but it is a ponder.



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