A whole new world

I wonder if the second rise of humanity out of an apocalypse would be slower or quicker.

What I mean is that as they rebuild the world they won’t have electrical goods or an extensive network of essential services, but they will have the memory of it- for a while. For about 50 years they will have a bunch of whinging adults going on about how good it was in the olden days. This cultural memory might be a spur to greatness or a weight to sink them.

They would have the shell of old civilisation – buildings and stuff but this would actually be a disadvantage as a reminder of greatness and a danger for the disrepair. There might be some old experts around – technical people to pass on knowledge, but without a capitalist machine they would be resource poor.

And there would likely be a shortage of and a need for survival creatives and experts. Not Bear Grylls types but doctors and nurses and midwives. Birthing would become especially dangerous and given that life would still be reasonably valued these medical people would become precious. People would naturally gravitate to these skills at first with comfort skills like electrical technicians coming later.

Having said that, maybe there would be some folks lacking empathy or social conditioning that would never gravitate to the healing arts and instead would always gravitate to the exploration of technologies. In which case high functioning Asperger types are really important in our population.

My skills would be pointless in a zombie apocalypse and any new world born out of it. I can only function skill-wise in this complicated society we have created. This doesn’t bother me. I like being an expert but I am also quite brave and creative. The more expert I get, sometimes the more I desire to escape into my creative side where I know nothing and have to start over.

Ironically this would put me at the middle of some bell-curve, which is someplace you don’t often find me. So I am probably wrong. Which also doesn’t happen much either.



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