Self selection

I was flicking through a wanky magazine before all about food and wine. It was free from the guys that deliver my vino. The whole foodie thing smacks of a Club that only allows in those that use the word “terroir” and eats everything as a paste or foam (or a farce).

The thing I realise is that Clubs don’t really bother me, because I rarely notice them, and instead I do most things my own way. I sort of take for granted I will never be a functional member so I don’t even try to meet the entry requirements. Never have. (Except when I have).

Even when I was very young, I just barged through Club environments collecting up the parts I liked and absorbing them for myself. It’s not arrogance so much as a sort of eccentric ignorance.

As I have gotten older I have noticed my behaviour, but mostly because people point it out, and/or I get into trouble with someone and have to modify to hide. People want the conformism, so I give them the illusion.

In relation to food and wine, I can charge through a wine selection and gourmand experience with gusto, but don’t go thinking I will say anything other than what I think. It just so happens that rather conveniently people only hear the parts that fit their paradigm anyway. Especially if you use their vernacular.

Ps only wankers use the words paradigm and vernacular so if you didn’t notice their use in that blog above stop wanking so much.



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