Face it Book

It’s raining here and boring so my son and I created him a FaceBook page. We had to lie about his age (he’s 5) because there is some age threshold to allow an account creation. I said he was 25.

My daughter refuses to lie about her age. She’s very adamant about it and said “it’s just not right”, so no FaceBook page for her.

This won’t last forever – wait until she’s 38 (!)

(I have never lied about my age actually. My age doesn’t bother me at all. So long as I don’t look heaps older than I am, my age doesn’t really bother me).

Now my son is chatting to Oma. I am
not sure why there is an age threshold for FaceBook. Surely the problem is more one of parental supervision.
But I tend to miss the point on such things so I have to wait for someone else to point out the risks.

Luckily daddy is asleep on the couch…



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