Urge Purge

As humans we have basic compulsions or urges. The urge to eat, drink, sleep, be clean, procreate, find shelter. There’s probably a pyramid diagram about it somewhere.

How we manage our urges can be important. I spend a lot of time trying to manage my daughters urge to eat. Not that I think she has a problem but she can exhibit behaviours that I feel are unhealthy in respect of food – especially sweets. I try to teach her mindfulness and sensible choices including a balance.

It seems to me that if the completion of an urge results in a perceived negative then we are more likely to pull back. For example, I attempt not to overdo the sugary treats because I am too vain to be fat and I am too vain to have pimples. So I temper my urges with consequences.

Over the years despite eating more than my fair share of cakes muffins and chocolates, I am not that fat nor am I horribly pimply, so the urge is not suppressed as much as it might be.

For some people, despite the consequences they continue to follow the urge. That must be really annoying. I cannot imagine how soul destroying to would be to make a commitment one way (say – no cakes tonight) and then collapse to the urge the other (oops and nice icing).

I suppose hypnosis might work to short cut the personal behaviour modification (which clearly isn’t working as effectively as one wishes) and instead do the hammer reprogramming action.

However, it seems to me that there could be a two pronged approach. For example if I kept eating cakes and getting wobbly thighs (which I would HATE) I would have to ask what is causing the net positive here. What positive am I getting from this that is outweighing that negative. Because there must be one. Maybe it is some association of food with love, a brain chemistry releasing dopamine for breaking my own rules.

All’s I am saying is there’s more than one way to skin a cat. However I suspect my idea is suitable for the expert self analytical. For those who act more from a gestaltian feel within other measures might be required.



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