Jelly Hypno

I have decided not to do conscious behavioural modification and to try to solve my problems myself.

I am not especially good at it, but it’s a project. Probably more painful for others to watch than it is to experience – although not always.

A problem I have tackled is jealousy; understanding it in myself and others; what it means and what it does to us.

Being slightly self-obsessed and supercilious I have had at times a jealousy problem which I have identified and examined. The idea being that if I can understand it I see the deeper problem which is the thing that really needs fixing. The real neediness. Probably caused by my parents because it’s best if everything is their fault.

I would never have hypnosis to cure something like jealousy. I see jealousy as the metaphorical muscle spasm trying to protect a deeper vertebral issue. To remove the jealousy could put me at risk of psychological injury (that’s a bit dramatic). Probably more accurate is that to remove it (and other irritants alike) would be to remove internal flags that tell me where to invest attention and uncover bigger issues. One big issue – bam – I could tidy up a raft of fuckuperedness in one go.



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