Blog is the new Black

Have you noticed all the blogs.

Yeah baby, blogging is back.

Actually what happened is that last week about Thursday I spun out of my “energy” energy minimum and back into my normal mental oriental processes.

In other words, I stopped focusing on trying to find energies and abstraction in my body and went back into my analytical mind.

This I did to deal with a personal crisis. It’s a bit like scaring someone with hiccups to flick them to another state.

Now I am back in this mindset I feel very much more comfortable. And I can write again.

The irony is the energy stuff is supposed to help me to centre and settle. Instead it made me almost a crazy person. Who noticed.

I am working on it being a transition period. The period of unsettlement. So I am diving back into energy on Wednesday. But I am not so enthused as to flog it until I go nuts. If it doesn’t work after some persistence I choose to stick as a high functioning robot. At least this will prepare me for the invading nanobots.



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