Glad it’s gone

I just watched Gone Girl. It was an exhausting book and also an exhausting movie.

I did like the premise that people create fake persona when in a relationship. It’s an interesting thing to muse on.

She makes the point that she became what her husband “wanted”. And he became what she “wanted”. They were so adorable she wanted to “punch them in the face”.

Then he got lazy, stopped trying so hard, lost his job, lay around the house. And she cracked the shits about it : what did he expect, she asks, that I would love him unconditionally?


Later in the book after all kinds of weird fucked up behaviour they reach a new kind of intimacy shared only in the bizarre of the scenarios.

You’re a cunt he spits at her. And she retorts: yeah, and the only time you have ever liked yourself is when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like.

There’s an inconvenient truth hidden in the book and the movie that most people won’t see.

It’s a shame it’s such a flicker because it’s the only little thing worth following the torturous story for.



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