Let it be

I went sailing once with a Mötley Crüe. It was a last minute thing in the rivers in South East Victoria – they probably have a name I should remember. There were supposed to be 10 on the boat but two people pulled out at the last minute. I said we would go and they didn’t care that we could sail, they just wanted two people to help pay for the boat.

There was a complicated arrangement of ropes and sails and the like. People told me what to do, which was fine. My favourite bits were just laying on the deck as we sailed along under blue skies – just free. And when we moored and drank gin and tonics after a swim. And when we went exploring ashore.

The captain was my old boss. A seasoned sailor who enjoyed having me along to show me something he liked to do.

One of the girls on board was older than me and I liked her. She wanted to look at the maps of the area but… she couldn’t be bothered. I passed them to her and she said: “I’ll just wait for the enthusiasm to look at them to arrive.”

About two days later she popped up: “oh, I want to look at the maps now!” she said. And she got them out and spent ages pouring over them.

I remember at the time thinking she was very curious.


That was her name.



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