Life Force App

Whilst reading about energy centres, I found that there are all kinds of hypotheses around “life force”. It got me to thinking that at least some of this energy must be measurable.

If someone can come up with a detector that can tell a woman when there is a new life force in her body they would be a millionaire.

Nature’s last joke on those that need information immediately at their fingertips is day 14 to day 28 of the menstrual cycle within which two-week period it is almost impossible to determine with any accuracy as to whether there has been conception. You can do as many tests as you like, and nothing can tell you with any certainty until about day 28/29 which is when the pregnancy process starts pumping juice into the host.

Before attachment, the little cavitated blastocyst swims around the unicameral uterus giving off no corporal symptoms of its existence. It is basically a floating bunch of cells.

I recall these information dead spots being the worst two-week periods of my life, because I like to know stuff. And I am not alone. Don’t go thinking this is a limited market because of the mere 14 day wait. Just google anything to do with DPO (days past ovulation) and you will find millions upon millions of women dissecting ANYTHING as a clue as to the upcoming events. Absolutely everything is dissected by a bunch of crazy people hungry for information in the equivalent of a black out.

Pregnancy tests have gotten more and more sensitive. The latest one can detect HCG levels as low as 25 mcg (there are some down to 10 mcg but the false positives are a problem). However even at 25 mcg one has to wait till about 10 DPO. Ten days when even 25 minutes on an aeroplane without a smart phone is torture.

All we need is an app that can detect the energy (or life force) given off by the beast. It could be the detection of two life forces within the pathway of detection, one slightly out of phase with the other. If you can invent that you are on to a winner.

(Call me a micromanager but I have photos of the girl attached when she comprised 256 cells)



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