Energy Constructs and Centres of Gravity

In guided meditations, the teachers tell you to focus your mind to an energy construct two-fingers below your belly button (navel).

For some reason I can never “do as I am told” and instead I have been reading about this mystical place that they all send me to. What if my energy construct is not there and its somewhere else, like in my big toe?

It turns out that the place we are supposed to focus on is coincidentally our centre of gravity. All objects with a mass have a centre of gravity which is definable in physics: “a point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act“.

In martial arts, the centre of gravity is important because the movements are all about that point. It makes sense that the energy construct (the Dan Tien) began in martial arts. And I don’t mind the idea that the centre of gravity is some type of centring place. I reject my big toe.

As it turns out, with different body types, we all have different centres of gravity and it is not uniformly two-fingers below the naval as the teachers suggest.

I have read reports (mostly about athletes, so sports-related) that the typical Asian has a lower centre of gravity than the race of white folk. Furthermore, the race of black folks typically has a higher centre of gravity due to (statistically speaking) heavier heads and smaller circumferential limbs.

So it seems to me that the Asian-based  teaching of two fingers below your navel for your energy construct is a little bit too prescriptive. And potentially racist.

My plan is to just get over it and try to stop being so rational. But I feel better about breaking the rules about where to focus. Now I know its likely not especially important that I get it two fingers down I can wobble around all over the place.



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