Pain and pleasure

Based on someone else’s hypothesising, I have concluded (rather broadly) that pain can be shut down by visualisation; and pleasure can be shut down by logical reasoning.

When I say “shut down” I mean the same neurons are involved in transmitting the messages. And the brains plasticity can be used to manipulate this.

The fact that pleasure circuits use up the same neurons as reasoning is something most people will attest to. That feeling when “in the pursuit of pleasure” does tend to suspend all logical reasoning. And when the pleasure circuits are freed up, suddenly the logic and reasoning is fully functional again.

This explains, amongst other things, that feeling I have been told guys get immediately after rooting the hot chick they shouldn’t have. Don’t worry guys – it turns out you can’t help it.


Imagine if it was reversed; so the pain was shut off by logical rational thought and pleasure was shut off by visualisation.

In other words different neuron pathways were hijacked – different from those typically seen in human brains.

In this scenario, those that spend time having visual sexual fantasies would eventually turn-off their pleasure centres according to the hijack-them-back theory. The neurons would et big muscles for visualising and weaker for the pleasure route. That would be an unfortunate side effect.

Furthermore, all logical reasoning would still be fully-functioning when pleasure circuits were activated, so less risk taking. Imagine him thinking: “Sorry hot chick I can’t peel off your pants; this breaks guideline 21 of the Code.”

My guess is that there were/are humans that have these types of brains. But statistically their genes have not proliferated as much in the pool. Either they don’t have as many sexual urges because all the pleasure circuits were broken (repaired?) as teenage boys visualising the chick next door in her undies turned off their chronic pleasure; and/or they take/took less risks for a shag so less accidental babies have resulted.

I know for sure all my logical reasoning disappears for pleasure. So many data points.



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