The stages of Life

Life happens in stages:

Sponge stage
This is childhood – the time when most things are experienced in the body without judgement. You will never have this experiential time in quite the same way again – the irony being that you don’t know how good it is at the time.

Centre stage
This is adolescence and up into adulthood – when everything is about you; how you feel; how things impact you; how you should be; how you are best for others. It’s a long stage and can go on into your 40’s and 50’s or you might never pass it.

You can tell someone in centre stage because they don’t know they are in it. They are too self centred (non perjoratively) to see it objectively.

During this stage you will learn things, and the accumulation of the learnings push you (involuntarily) to the next stage.

Traveller stage
Who knows when this stage will come upon you, but don’t go expecting that you will be able to avoid it when it arrives like a reaper.

This stage I call “traveller”, because it feels like a journey into enlightenment. It comes with rapid changes in the sense of self and interconnectedness, usually through sought-out experiences that involve both the mind and body (and sometimes their integration).

You will know when you get to this stage. And so will every one else.

Perhaps only a handful of people get there.

Trailer park stage
When your journey is over this is where you end up – in the trailer park. A small cabin is all you need, with not much social interaction required or desired. Maybe a few close friends. There is a feeling of calm, I suspect.

I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to get here. My guess is it is the longest of the stages and almost no human life-span has accommodated what comes next. In other words, once you are here, it’s a done deal.

In fact I don’t even know what’s next, but I can guess. The next stage would be an awakening. A re-experiencing of life in a different way. The same experiences we have on a daily basis but felt different … not  richer, but more authentically. My brain doesn’t have the words – I am ingénue for this part.



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