Communal blogs

Before blogging i exercised my need to communicate through Facebook.

There are a few on Facebook that I think could do with a blog.

One “friend” (who got close to being culled recently but I really like her husband so I kept her – the “bar” for keepers being I would visit you if I came to your town – I would visit her because he is my pal) … Anyway, almost every day over Christmas she has posted photos and comments about her perfect holidays and family and good time.

Facebook utopia. Uttttoppppiiiiaaaaaa.


I hate FB utopia – that fake world of “look at me and my perfect life and/or family”.

Once, in an effort to give it some balance, I posted something negative on Facebook – I was upset at the time and away from home and I wanted a group hug. It did work sort of, because my sister sent me a nice email, but the post itself seemed to really freak people out and they mentioned it to me over the next few months. I decided people like utopia. I wouldn’t do it again.

I wonder if there is a correlation between how utopic you feel your life is and how much you try to project that utopia.

Or if only the sad and lonely need the mask.



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