One year of Bloggin

After one year of blogging I can tell you that it has changed my brain.

For starters, it has helped me to categorise all kinds of things that were just floating around as random unsolved stuff in my psyche.

It has helped me to get rid of a lot from the spreasheets of my mind which were busy processing and analysing and popping out answers or questions. Previsouly these answers were just left hanging requiring attention.

As I write it out, the spreasheets were either “satisfied” and stopped working or were identified as “frustrated” and worked on harder until something good enough came out.

My whole mind is quieter and calmer.

At one point I could feel everything clamouring to get onto the page and I was writing about 5 or 6 blogs a day. Sometimes I couldnt sleep for the thoughts in queues. Now I write mostly because I get bored and only very occasionally is it to get rid of something from my head. But that still happens.

In fact, sometimes I don’t need to get rid of it. And I just noticed I wrote the same blog twice in the last week (blogs on anxiety) which I think means I wrote it for the purposes of “communication” rather than to get it out of me. This was a sort of a shocking thing to find – my double blog – because before I would have never have forgotten that I wrote something!

Blogging is amazing therapy if used correctly. But you cant force it. It is either there or it isn’t and I suspect it depends on your brain type.

So thanks WordPress. My 12 month of blogging has now finished. However, I plan to keep on keeping on only now I don’t need it like I did. I am just going to let it be what ever it is next.



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