on writing therapy

One curious side effect of writing on events – which I have done through this blog, but also through other media not available to the public – is I have stopped remembering things in the same way.

This time last year I would be able to recount something in a lot of detail. If I did something like went to a party, I could write it out in graphic detail from start to finish. Mostly I can recall sequences which is how I can write things out – things seem to get stored sequentially. I can still do this to some extent. In fact, if I wanted to I could write out exactly what we did for 4 hours at movie world yesterday. I could tell you sequentially where we went, what it was like and how it felt.

On other occasions now I have found I can only remember it in snippets, but for some things I have slipped into a more gestaltian mode.

I don’t know if writing caused this, or if I have just noticed it through my inability to write it.

I think the latter.

My guess is that what has changed over the past year is my experience into my body which stores information differently. If I cant remember something I am glad. I need more body time. I suspect drugs can get you there quicker.



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