Anxiety Attacked

I have a very low level of anxiety which means I am pretty chilled about most things. I like to hang around similar people because it’s very relaxing.

If I am around someone with a higher level of anxiety, somehow I elevate mine to meet them.

At first I don’t notice it, then it creeps up until eventually I am just mildly stressed. There’s a chance I don’t mind this state and actually seek it out because I can’t generate it myself.

Now I realise this, I have decided to take control of my anxiety level. I am naturally low so I can stay down there as much as I like. I don’t have to elevate if I don’t want to and – if I do – I have to own it baby.

My kids are very low on the anxiety scale which explains why I love hanging with them so much. We can spend hours doing nothing and expecting nothing in return.

I think you are born with a level and you can’t change it. As they get older my bet is my son will stay low like me and my dad. My daughter will get higher like her dad and Oma.



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