Arcade archaism

My kids love Mooloolaba and I admit I wouldn’t come here without them. It’s a kids paradise really. With some things for the adults to amuse themselves while the kids play.

The kids favourite place is the arcade. At this really lame place on the strip you buy tokens. The tokens (in the form of coins) are used to play games from which you can win paper tokens. Like old bus tickets. The paper tokens once won can be collected in exchange for toys.

For example a coveted temp tattoo is 50 paper tokens.

It would be quicker and likely cheaper to simply buy the temp tattoo. But that’s not the point.

I remember going to arcades as a kid. My dad would take us to Great Yarmouth on the coast where the arcades were dark and full of lights and the sounds of machines and spitting money. I loved the noises and the atmosphere. There was no token model in that place.

The arcade here has no attempt at atmosphere at all and I can’t understand it. Why is there no theatre in these things? Just turn down the lights, play some fun music, make the smell of old money and make it an experience. Seriously it’s not that hard.

Also the toys you can win are crap. So crap it’s not funny. Christmas cracker shit. I walked around the National Geographic shop the other day and saw hundreds of things they could use. It was cheap good quality stuff, and surely if they (the arcade owners) bought in bulk, they could get the stuff even cheaper.

Optionally, I buy the arcade and fix it. Or, alternatively, I let Nat Geographic know they could change their business model…



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