Response along the national lines

A friend once told me that how we react to a bad situation can almost be divided along country lines:

The Americans want revenge.

The Australians want to make sure it never happens again (usually through the installation of some law or another).

I am not sure about the British or any other country. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

I am British. Well I am now an Aussie having lived here all my adult life, but culturally I am more British than Australian simply because I was a child there.

When something bad or unpleasant happens I want to understand it, learn from it, grow and move on. Get over it. No revenge or retribution and no changes necessarily made if the event was an outlier.

Especially if the event was an outlier.

I have spoken to some British friends and this view is only partly shared, so I can’t claim it for a nation. It’s probably just me being especially reasonable and all.



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