Trust your Gut

There seems to be some revered mysticism around trusting your gut.

Basically, your gut is big data central – it tells you on a sub level what the outcomes might be based on all the information you have digested to date.

I don’t think I have ever had a good gut, mostly because there have been plenty of occasions where I have acknowledged the negative gut feel – done it anyway – and nothing bad has happened to me. In fact, sometimes the opposite – it’s been good.

If I trusted my gut, I feel I would be trapped by fear. For some reason my gut is mixed in with my fears, anxiety, insecurities. They don’t appear much elsewhere.

Recently, I went on a tourist adventure which included a ride through a tunnel in a car by myself (because the place was deserted). It was dark and weird. My gut was screaming: yikes get out of here, it’s weird, people want to rob you, you are going to be killed! It was quite compelling.

How do you reckon that worked out?

I felt anxious, frightened at one point. And nothing happened to me. This is not unusual to report.

I understand the point of the gut decision maker but I reject it as not useful to me. This does however make things much more confusing in choice and may account for why I am slightly more overtly analytical.



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