My xmas wish list

New pandora earring hooks because in left the last ones in a hotel somewhere

Dangle things for said earring hooks but I have plenty so it’s just for the novelty

New stud earrings because like socks I only seem to have odd pairs

A pandora leather charm bracelet strap thing because my last favourite wrist bauble is in pieces down the side of Jamie’s bed (and I have loads of beads I can turn into charms)

A silk nightie because they are so sexy and luxurious

New undies – nice ones that i wouldn’t choose for everyday you know – make sure they are big enough Santa my arse is bigger than it looks

Elizabeth Arden 5th Ave perfume because my last bottle got smashed while bean was using it. Or any other smell that you like Santa because I just always choose that one

A new travel toiletries bag because the zip broke on the old one

Chocolates – fancy ones because I love them and I feel bad buying them for myself but I don’t feel bad eating them šŸ™‚

Toiletries like moisturiser for my body because there never seems to be one I really like and any bath things are always nice because who buys that for themselves. Stinky soap that kind of thing

A good book that I wouldn’t think to choose but is nice to lay around and read

A jewellery box that doesn’t fall apart every time I open it – a nice fancy one if you are looking for a wow factor dude

A surprise

Not expecting to get any of that stuff santa and I don’t mind at all if I don’t. I would rather Christmas was about the kids really. And any gifts were chosen because someone wanted to give me something, not because they feel they have to. And I prefer things people choose for me rather than receiving what I ask for. But you know there’s stuff i wouldn’t mind šŸ™‚



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