Feng Shui Me

I don’t believe in Feng shui to the extent that energy flows in through doors and money flies out of windows and stuff, but I do believe that the right set-up and orientation of things in a room can have an affect on your brain.

What I mean is that if you have all the furniture squashed up into one corner, or a unit blocking a wall, the whole gestalt of the thing can just feel wrong.

The brain is sort of sensitive to that stuff – is Feng shui born in that?

In Hong Kong, when they built some big new building the construction company threw Feng Shui consultants out the window (metaphorically). They created it and then created their own problems. They would have been better paying it lip service.

The new building was said to be like knives one of which was positioned towards the HSBC bank.

To counter the bad vibes the bank skyscraper installed concrete canons on the roof pointing to the “knife edge”.

Fire counters metal.

Feng shui problem neutralised.

To the extreme.



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