More on Gender

Oh it’s a greens initiative – the no gender December thing. Some senators in NSW and QLD started it.

How about instead of focussing on toys that are pink and sparkly, or blue and robotic – how about they focus on really good education including at university level.

How does playing with a barbie limit my daughters opportunity or mindset to be a doctor or a vet if she is well educated and confident in an open minded equal-opportunity society?

If she is an uneducated idiot I can see she might not get there. Or for that matter if I and my peers are uneducated idiots we might discourage her. Although to be honest the 1960s still let some slip through so girls can have power even when oppressed.

I suppose it takes all sorts and it’s best to let people be passionate and enthusiastic about things that come naturally to them. They are harmless enough aren’t they.

They probably also have campaigns to “ban the tie” in the workplace. The tie perhaps being some symbol of the professional oppression of women.

No doubt they also campaigned for apple slices in the McDonald’s happy meal boxes. Like people who take their kids to maccas are going to choose apples. Jeez.

Now I am on it, I suppose they also petitioned for gluten free options at the kids tuck shop. Gluten free? Which kid is so high maintenance at primary school that they can’t eat gluten, and which parent what believes their child is diet sensitive, then lets their kids order food from a tuck shop rather than making them a home-controlled packed lunch?

I know it happens. I have friends with allergy filled kids.

Well at least their party has a gender neutral colour (green). I can only imagine the problems of they had been assigned blue.



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