Free the World

I was thinking in line with my “no patents anymore” idea why don’t we just get rid of money too.

And everything is just free when ever you like.

If I need some water I can just walk into a shop and take it. If I need a new top I just get it from the store. Sure at first I might go nuts but then I self regulate.

Why would there be Prada instead of target? Well there wouldn’t, be we would equilibrate and there would be no fancy and no cheap just somewhere in between. Just stuff.

Companies wouldn’t have to worry about profits because they can just take resources where they need them. And then just make and sell things for something to do.

You know it doesn’t work to the extreme for the same reasons we have a patent system, because humans are greedy and self interested. Truth is we would see others suffer before our own. Except some of those amongst us who don’t think that way – usually they are the ones that think it’s a good idea to go patent commando. ūüėČ



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