Judge Why Not

I am sitting on the train judging.

The man that just guided his woman onto the train by her elbow. His hand sort of clamped around her arm. Under other circumstances it might have appeared loving.

But she is wearing a full length long sleeved drab garb. All grey. And her head is completely covered so only her eyes can be seen.

She is talking on her iPhone – I wonder if he vetted who it was before she dialled or answered.

He is casual in jeans and a T-shirt.

I am judging him harshly.

I do not like him at all.

It’s a thin line between loving and needing to own; between the desire to dominate and the desire for respect. Neither can be truly experienced in submission of another. Although it’s counter intuitive to our nature and urges. It would seem.

And long grey garments do not have any place in the difficult dance as far as I am concerned



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