Turns out I like a lot of information. Like a big data processor I want all of the extraneous stuff because my brain has realised that it can find trends or detect things from unexpected sources. All our brains must be able to do this but some people maybe like it more than others.

For example, I never realised people used filters on search engines right from the start. I thought they were for later once you had looked at everything and considered all the data and are ready to focus in. Focusing in context of a bigger picture.
Like house hunting. Doesn’t everyone want to look at everything on the map to see what’s where and how much and how big. Before they decide: ok let’s go 2 beds in Noosaville.

One thing is that I get very frustrated about is when new data in doesn’t make sense in the big picture and I can’t get an answer as to whether I have misfiled it or whether it’s a new data point. Should I start running new processes or not.

It creates dubieties which are like little annoying flies


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