Dear Microsoft

Please can you update Power Point so it is possible to have multiple slides hidden behind one. Then, if my audience is interested, I can immediately delve deeper into a topic.

It seems to me that Power Point has trained a whole generation of people to present in a very linear fashion. And I am now a bit tired of it. I like to wander around topics and respond to the people that are unlucky enough to have to sit through my communique.

Also, it might just be that on one occasion I am feeling like telling you more on one thing and not another.

I noticed recently a trend away from flashy graphics and towards slides that looked like someone had a used a marker to write the slide. And one had post it looking things all over it. I don’t mind anything that makes it entertaining. I am now so intolerant of a boring presenter I can hardly contain myself. I have to keep sharp cutlery away from myself under such boring circumstances.

I have also noticed a trend away from power point all together. It is very fashionable to go commando.


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