Patenting in Europa

If there ain’t much patent litigation happening in Europe, then why for are all the little capitalist machines busting away protecting there?

I admit, many of my people do not, but this is partly because the costs for Europe are huge (10’s of thousands) and for some reason very few of them have any commercialisation links there.

What if all the Europeans are busy making licence fees off their patents?
No litigation, but a shit load of licensing. Licensing could encourage patenting – for the fees, tolls.

Just gentlemanly you know. Why of course sir, I will pay you for your patenty wares. I should check the validity?! Pah, why how insulting I presume your rights valid of course.

My guess is that you could see if this was happening by looking at how many licensing executives there are registered in Europe. Where there’s a opportunity there’s a service industry.
There must be a correlation between the number of registered licensing professionals and the amount of in situ licensing activity.

Just a thought.


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