Lest we forget

I think I wrote about this last year but I have forgotten.

Lest we forget what? A war and people dying?

There is man with medals selling poppies but I can’t remember what the poppies mean. I think it has something to do with a field in Belgium. I went to the trenches once on a field trip when I was about 13. We looked at battlefields in Belgium. We went in actual trenches and saw grave stones. Crosses actually – loads of them.

What do you think I recall about that? Let me tell you: That I bought some Fantastic Belgium chocolates as gifts for my family and then ate them all on the bus on the way home. Seriously have you ever tried chocolate from Belgium? They were delicious. Sorry family

I just didn’t have the brain power to take anything in that was meaningful. So now I just feel bad, about the lack of brain power and the chocolates so really the trip was worse than useless.

Perhaps we are supposed to buy poppies to stop it from all happening again. How’s that working out?

Sometimes I buy one because the red looks nice on my clothes. This is actually worse than forgetting isn’t it?

Lest we forget. I have forgotten other than that I shouldn’t forget. I think they need a new angle.



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