Told you so

I think some people have the ability to chose which universe-reality they follow. Even if they don’t know it.

For example, I have learnt from experience that if my husband says: don’t park under this tree, the branch might fall and hit the car – to move the car.

Now, I think it is infinitesimally unlikely that a tree branch will fall on my car. Until he says it will. There are too many instances of his predictions causing unlikely realities. So I take them seriously.

He is a universe pathway selector.

If he says: you should put trainers on if you are going to play backyard cricket, I would do it. Usually after cursing him for saying it out loud. My friend once ignored this advice and despite being one of tens of thousands of Aussies playing barefoot backyard cricket that day, she was the one that twisted her foot, tore her Achilles and still has pains today.

The irony (wrong word) is that he is a bit of a fatalist. He would buy a ticket on the favourite in the Melbourne Cup then comment: the horse will probably come last and then keel over dead (which it did). If he had said: the odds might change and I will win a million dollars, I might very well be sipping champagne on a yacht right about now.



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