Body Talks

My daughter is in a ballet extravaganza – it’s all very exciting. But it is a fecking money pit.

The latest compulsory requirement is a nude body stocking which she MUST wear at all times, presumably to prevent anyone from seeing her naked whilst changing…?

Jesus, can we just relax guys. For starters she is 5 years old and spends half her life in the nud. And secondly, what is wrong with a bit of body talk?

We are all humans… (or are we – this could be the problem).

I am sure that this obsession with privacy actually promotes a negative body image for women indicating that there is some shame in being exposed. If girls want to cover up that’s fine – but don’t require it. What’s next a cloth covering the face other than the eyes?

I don’t want to be the…

Oh yeah… I did. I emailed them. You inspired me people.



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