Squid mining

Quantum computers could be based on ultra pure semiconductors, liquids probed by NMR, ion traps, SQUID devices or quantum photonics (and probably others). There are different research groups tackling it in different ways and there are different likelihoods of success.

I dislike the NMR idea, mostly because I don’t understand it and I never liked the techniques. Too complicated. The quantum photonics is even more fecking complicated, and even required photon teleportation. The tech is said to be similar to some used in camera optics, but I smell a rat. Apparently the ion traps are the current favourite, but personally I like the SQUID devices. I don’t really know what they are except that they are small rings of semiconducting material around which a current flows. The quantum superposition comes in because the flow of electrons can be counter or clockwise – both until measured. The little widgets can be incorporated into existing chip technology.

SQUIDs are made from (amongst other possible materials) niobium. If this is the one to back, chances are niobium could be a material resource to start investing in.

Australia has shit loads of it. I say we divert the quantum researchers to the SQUIDs and start mining niobium like there’s no tomorrow.



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