Minnie the Minx

Not the centre of attention the behaviour edges of my daughter failed fast.

And the discipline got out of control. Mostly due to divided attentions and fatigue.

Figuring out the discipline rules with kids is really hard – and no one ever gives any guidance. Where are the workshops or ubiquitous consultants?

So the argument turned inward on mum and dad. A disagreement in approach. And I realised as parents you gotta have bedrock. These things have got to be resolved quickly and cracks in your own relationship will be painfully exposed. Years of arguing and establishing rules yourselves as a couple is helpful in order for quick agreement and consistency.

Luckily, my husband and I are professional arguers. I mean seriously it’s a complicated entanglement of reinforced rules and rutted-courses we have perfected over many years. A multitude of issues can be fed in the top and result in an agreed outcome arbitrated. It happens quickly with minimal fuss

In this instance, I decided to bring everyone into it and write up rules to stick on the fridge. These are the standards set for us all:

Family rules:
Respect for each other
No hostility
No hurting (Jamie inserted a long list here including biting… kicking… Ninja punching)
No rudeness at the dinner table (including the hurling of blueberries)
No using bad behaviour to get what you want or need

Any one of these will result in warnings of:
123 – to the naughty step
If it continues its:
456 – loss of treats to the end of that day.

Signed sealed and delivered. I wonder if anyone will discipline me for that last one. Here’s hoping they don’t notice ūüėČ



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