Computer simulations and multiple universe theory – this must affect the statistics

This musing is based on a number of things you will need to know, so I set these out first. don’t get bored before you get to the end.

1. if a civilization evolves to the point of creating computers it is inevitable that they will create simulated universe(s).

2. if there are simulated universes then chances are there are more of those simulations than real universes – Nick Bostrum has postulated that there is an 80% chance that we are in a simulation rather than a real world simply because of the stats involved.

but now to add:

3. if there is quantum laws in your simulation, you are likely living in a quantum computer simulation, because classical computers cannot simulate quantum effects.

Quantum worlds typically have multiple world theory (or multiple universe theory or what ever they call it nowadays to be fashionable). My guess is that in a simulation, only one world is simulated and the others are ghost worlds that exist but are not shown. This would simply conserve energy in to the simulation.

But doesn’t it follow that if my simulated world is only one of many possibles, but the real world actually comprises all those multiple universes, then in fact the stats are incorrect. Suddenly, the probability that I am living in a real world shoots up because the real world comprises all the multiple universes but the simulated worlds each only have one of them.

I wondered if Bostrum had thought of this, so I thought I would blog this for him.



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