They are strange creatures aren’t they.

I like to make them take me through their thought processes and ask them to show me the big data flow sheets in their brains. I usually get to pick an outcome then, rather than being told one. It’s probably the better one for the vibe rather than the statistical fit.

Being a good doctor must rely on years of experience and exposure. A good big picture grasp and an ability to see small technical issues. Also you need to be good with people, and read between the lines of their rambles. At the same time you have to be current and not old-fashioned. It’s a difficult balance to strike. Many miss the mark.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that our society is set up for a person to choose a career as a teenager and then – once on the trajectory – there is not much chance for change. I wonder if this is because it takes too long to gather the data to make a big set. Ten years ago I couldn’t give the advice I give today simply because I hadn’t seen enough unusual scenarios that they don’t teach you in books. I wonder if there is a way to accelerate the learning?

With pilots they put them in simulators to ensure that there is enough data in. I expect this is because danger situations are few and far between. Maybe we need something similar to facilitate lateral career changes. If one wants to become a doctor a part of the training is intensive simulation of one after the other crazy persons coming in from left field with weird ailments. I suppose a down-side could be that one then is skewed towards always looking for the radical solution, so a visit to a GP so trained with, e.g. a boring bunion might result in the entire amputation of the foot for fear of a rare virus contracted in Africa.



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