Bloody Fog

How many times are we partially drained of blood in our lives? Loads right. They need to hurry up with the tech to scan us sans-vampirism.

Anyway, once… once! I had my blood taken by a moron. Bearing in mind, at the time (during an IVF process), I was having blood taken every day, so statistically speaking, I was going to get a moron eventually.

The point is that during a flawed process, she (the vampire) started to panic, then so did I though some human contagion, and I ended up fainting or at least having to lie down for a black fog. Moron.

This has, rather irritatingly, left me with an irrational fear of having my blood taken. And one thing I cannot tolerate is irrational fear. So today, I sit still, and I distract my brain, and I don’t look. I can hear the slurp of draining blood – being taken only for the measuring of all the normal human chemicals. And I am annoyed that I feel the creep of a fog.

Why can’t my body recall the 50 or so times nothing bad happened. This would be more logical. We are weird machines.



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