Island Living

There is a reason it’s a good idea for any man (including wo-man) to be surrounded by family and close friends. There is a reason we do best in a community.

And I am not talking about the polite social nicety type of friends or family. Nor am I talking about family members you hold at arms length. I am talking about people that know you well. And people around whom you can be yourself. The ones were you can relax, wear daggy clothes, not wash your hair and not feel judged.

Actually it’s all about the not being judged. Because they know who you really are.

This is because we tell ourself lies about the way things are or the things we think. And those need to be constantly defused and readjusted.

If you live in absence of this you might suddenly find yourself amidst some type of creation with no way to tell what’s true and what’s conjecture.



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