Tell Me

Last night I looked at the menu and I had no idea what I wanted.

In the end I asked the waiter to bring me his favourite dish. It was some mushroom rotunda – I have no idea what the black hazelnut paste was – wrapped in pasta and stacked together like cooling towers on the East Yorkshire horizon, but it was delicious. They probably had an over supply of it in the kitchen.

I wasn’t disappointed at all. I suppose it’s impossible to be disappointed if there was no expectation to being with.

If I ate the mushy stack and sighed “oh its not really what I wanted” I would be a fool. Why leave something to chance if there is a desire.

It got me to thinking that in life, so may people suffer from the affliction of not really knowing what they want. And the casting out for something and then having the audacity to be disappointed.

Under such circumstances, when the rot of sighs sets in, the lack of direction must leave a permeate of dissatisfaction.

I have decided thus that an imperative in life must be to work out what you “want”. I have no guidance on how to do this – but it may require some thought and experiment. However, once you know what you want, you have to be satisfied with the idea that you might not get it.

In summary, the true wisdom here is that it is better to know you didn’t get what you want, than to not know at all what you wanted.



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