Mental Blocks

There is, my lovelies, something wrong with my brain. It happened last Thursday to be specific.

Imagine there are a multitude of energy minima in which your brain can exist. I imagine them like in an egg carton where they, the minima, are all over the place each representing a different “me”.

Somehow my marble got out of its usual energy minimum spot and rolled up over a peak… and fell into something else. Got it?

All I can tell you is that it feels like everything is in here, in my mind, I just cant get it out in the way I usually can. It is starting to bother me. I can think things but I cant communicate them. I can decide things and not reason why. Or I can’t decide anything because I don’t even know I am thinking about something. And I certainly can’t write. Or be bothered to. It feels like a mental block.

There are some things that may have caused this. Here is a list of possibilities:

1. I had a deep conversation with my dad and I may be processing it or avoiding thinking about some thing.

2. I quit sugar, well actually I have consciously attempted to reduce my sugar intake which still involves, I expect, a bucket load of the stuff. Maybe sugar is what gives me my mojo

3. I have been working on an unusual work project which has flown me around the rafters. Maybe this has pushed me into a weird spot.

I am giving it another few days before I bring in reinforcements.



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