Continuum and the Case of the Monogamous Time Traveller

Set in the year 2077, it follows the story of a Protector (a modern day law enforcement officer) that gets trapped in the past (specifically 2012). The idea is that she and a bunch of terrorists have been sent back to change the future.

They build in some interesting concepts including Big Data analytics and how it is used in the future, and multiple world theory. It tickles me actually to watch the story lines and to guess how they will unfold. Its silly but entertaining.

Last night, as a flash back to the future, we found that she discovered that her husband had cheated on her briefly before they married. She was so disappointed and did this whole hurt chick thing where she lamented that they had every technology available to them to find out what people were doing – to keep people honest – but she didn’t think she would need it with the person that she loved. When someone loves you, she whined, you should just trust that they will never hurt you.

Oh woe that we are still human in 65 years.

And wow that she expects true love to come with perfection. Doesn’t true love some with the acceptance that we are all fallible and sometimes we fuck up and do stupid shit. Isn’t true love the ability to fully accept someone’s desires as they extend outside of “you” and into all kinds of things that do not include you at all. To love and trust that the overlap is enough.

Hey I am not saying I can do that because I expect it is really hard, but wont we have brain implants to help us or something.

Sophisticated science writers still imagine that despite revolutions in technology that change the face of how we live, we have evolved not a nano-spot in our understanding of the human condition. Our psychology has not evolved a dot in the writing. I find it just hugely disappointing.

Fucking Americans. Its akin to a monogamous vampire.



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