Furby philosophy

If the furby has 5 or 6 personalities and a few different owners, then, theoretically, each owner could think they had the “perfect” furby – when in fact it was the same furby behaving differently for each owner.

I suppose humans are the same with one another. If you think you found the “perfect” human, chances are you have activated one of their personalities that they have realised, through exposure to you, fits best.

I wonder who the furby really is if left to its own devices. Does he have a preferred state, or is he all of them at different times.

My guess is there are some states or personalities that the furby prefers to be and thus he enjoys being around people that make him feel like that more than the others.

To put it another way, any one personality would comprise at least a portion of edited self. The edits being stuff he has to keep hidden in order to be convincing in his persona. If he can’t tolerate hiding some things he won’t much like being that persona.

It’s the stuff we hide that makes the difference.

I am a master at slowly editing myself around a person until I fit. I won’t make drastic changes, because I have a soul, but I don’t sweat the small stuff so it’s easy for me to let go of things. If you don’t like the type of coffee I drink, chances are I will be ordering differently next time I see you, because *shrugs* it makes no difference to me, but may seem to bother you. If I like the “me” it creates then I follow the thread. If I eventually dislike the “me” it made, I’ll gradually drift away.

The furby made me see it more clearly. Furby philosophy.

I am not sure I can change it because I don’t have very strong views on the small parts of me. I don’t actually think there is a real me in the small space – or at least the real me is the chameleon.

What perfection looks like to me is a friend that allows me to explore different experiences and try them all on, and then let’s me be whichever one I want to be on different days. Someone that doesn’t mind schizophrenic depending on the weather. I suppose this also requires for them to be a bit all over the place.

I think this is why I like new people, new friends and new relationships with great variety, because I get to drift all over the place in myself. Freedom.

If i edit out something big, you won’t know. I’ll just continue to look like the person you want me to be. Until you shake me and roll me around the ground – and say outrageous things to me then evil furby might make an appearance…



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