I have ordered two books online. One is about quantum computing and the other is about some aviator in the war. I expect I am the last person on the planet ordering real books.

There’s something nice about having to wait for them; and it will be exciting when they arrive. Then I will get to look at them all shiny and unread and I will enjoy the anticipation of reading them. For me it’s part of the vibe.

I have read electronic books. But I found the experience cheap. It didn’t matter to me if I skipped a part or failed to finish, the whole event was disposable. And I don’t remember the look and feel or colour of the book – it ruined my mojo.

Maybe one day we won’t even have to read – a book will just be delivered directly into your brain so you know you read it. I expect those downloading and using kindles will be the old fashioned.

Contracting the experience. It’s over rated.



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