Predator Patrol

Relegated to cheesy docos on TV due to host politeness, I have been subject to terrible American televised culture.

Last night some American survivor guy lived with some African tribe out in Afro woop woop. He had to drink water from tubers and sleep with scorpions and hunt for a porcupine, etc. You know the type. I admit it was slightly amusing when he got spiked.

The tribesmen he lived with were lean, brown, could survive with minimal food and water and were as canny as they come. It won’t only be cockroaches that survive a nuclear event I can tells ya.

The next show was a National Geographic doco following three groups of Americans in Alaska, Costa Rica and Minnesota respectively. These boys had all the gear, night goggle, vid cameras, electronic compasses, gps, even digital mating noises to entice their prey.

Fuck me were they a bunch of over-weight, dangerously educated imbeciles. Beware the educated moron. You can tell him from his drawl.

Our technology is no doubt making us fucking stupid. These boys with their shot guns and huge moustaches couldn’t have caught a cockroach in a store-bought trap.

I admitted defeat and hit the sack. It makes you wonder doesn’t it – whether we need all this stuff. A bit of bone glue and some toxins from a moth grub are all some people need for today to have been a success.


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