Five and a half sense

I am a sophisticated big data analyst. What I mean is my brain is doing it all the time.

At a party, for example, I meet a guy and chat to him. I hear the tone of his voice; see what he is wearing; notice subtle clues in body language; notice things he says and how he says them in order, speed, boldness; other things too, like hair colour, eye colour; how often he drinks his drink.

My brain is a sophisticated big data analyst and I don’t even know it is happening. Depending on how good you are (how much info in) the result will be either a conscious known conclusion or a vibe. The vibe might be get away from this dude now, even if you don’t know why.

We are learning and refining the info in constantly and updating when there’s new stuff. Brains like new stuff because it makes things interesting and adds to learning.

The new term “big data analytics” that’s all over the place at the moment is just computers (artificial) catching up with nature and being able to do this for themselves. Perhaps on datasets much larger than a brain can handle, but we will always have an advantage because our learning algorithms (whatever they are in is) are very sophisticated. Can computers ever catch up.

I suppose a sixth sense is the next step up from a vibe. The ability to predict or sense something is about to happen.



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